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‘Artificial Intelligence’ Category September 28, 2023Dr. Jacques Ludik, Founder & CEO, Cortex Logic and Founder & President of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa Dr Jacques Ludik is a Smart Tech Entrepreneur, PhD in AI, Author, International Speaker, and Global AI Ambassador. He founded multiple AI companies. One of them, CSense Systems, was Africa’s first AI company […] Capital’s recent article “Generative AI’s Act Two” ( ) provides an excellent overview of the next phase or Act two of Generative AI which is more focused on solving human problems end-to-end as opposed to foundational models being the “hammer” that unleashed a wave of novelty apps. It is a thoughtful follow-up on […]

Thanks to CFA Society South Africa for an excellent, well organized and informative event! It was great participating in the discussion around AI and the future of investment management alongsideKaluba Chikonde, Zubair Patel, and Kamohelo Motaung. “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era” Democratizing AI Newsletter Video of discussion on Asset TV […]

The Future of AI, Automation, and Information Security – Pre-summit Launch 6 September 2023 Dr Jacques Ludik participated in the pre-Global Summit Launch for The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Information Security in Africa in Lusaka, Zambia organized by Compu-Connect Education’s Sarah Luyele Njamu (MBA) and Tamara Mwaba. This was great preparation for the […]

Dr Jacques Ludik will participate in this pre-launch AI event 6 Sep 2023 at 17:30 in Lusaka, Zambia in preparation for the “The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Information Security in Africa Global Summit 2023”, that will be held from 13–15 Sep 2023 in Livingstone, Zambia. Sarah Luyele Njamu (MBA): Today, Zambia Daily Mail […]

Dr Jacques Ludik participated on Wednesday 30 August 2023 in the UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY COLLABORATION COLLOQUIM organized by Fireside Conversations. The topic was on “Generative Artificial Intelligence Challenges for Copyright and Patent Laws” Moderator: Jetane Charsley Prof Prof. Arthur G.O. Mutambara Dr Jacques Ludik Dr Ntsibane Ntlatlapa See also:Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better […]

Property Sector Charter Council Join us on 23rd August 2023 as we welcome Dr Jacques Ludik who will take us into the world of AI The Opportunities of Property Development and Real-estate using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Smart Technology Era Presentation: Register here: SEE YOU THERE!

CFA Society South Africa Don’t miss the featured panel discussion at our 2023 Annual Investment Conference on AI and the future of Investment Management, with Dr Jacques Ludik, Founder & CEO Cortex Logic; Founder & President at Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA); Zubair Patel, Co-Head of Data science & Quantitative analytics at Prescient Investment […]

Dr Jacques Ludik will be a keynote speaker at the THE FUTURE OF AI, AUTOMATION AND INFORMATION SECURITY IN AFRICA GLOBAL SUMMIT 2023 from 13-15 September 2023. Apart from round table and panel discussions, he will specifically be speaking on: (1) “Future of AI in Business & it’s Impact on our Daily Lives” (2) “The […]

What would the future of economy powered by #web3 & #AI look like? Dr Jacques Ludik will participate along with other speakers at the first Meta Shapers Web3 & AI Summit on 4 October 2023. He will be speaking on “AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World”. See also The summit is […]

Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa – MIIA is a Media Partner of Africa Tech Festival 2023 which is scheduled from 13-16 November 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa. To register: This is your opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge tech in front of 15,000+ attendees at #AfricaTechFestival 2023! If you develop any of […]

Digital First Magazine (30 May 2023): AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World Artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 are two of the most transformative technologies of our time. AI has already become a central building block of the world’s software, with PwC estimating that by 2030, AI will contribute […]

Dr Jacques Ludik is a Smart Technology Entrepreneur, PhD in AI, Founder of multiple AI companies, Author, International keynote speaker, Global AI Ambassador and award-winning AI Leader with a 25+ years’ experience in AI, Machine Learning & Data Science and its applications around the globe. He is Founder & CEO of Cortex Group & Cortex […]

Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA has joined Digitizing Africa 2023 as Institute Partner! We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Jacques Ludik has joined Digitizing Africa 2023 impressive lineup of speakers for this conference! As the President & Founder at Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA, Dr. Ludik brings extensive experience […]

See latest version of South Africa’s ICT Solutions & Resources Guide where Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa – MIIA, Cortex Logic and Dr Jacques Ludik are featured in an article discussing “Igniting the African AI Ecosystem”. This compact ICT Guide will gives insights into IT Solutions being implemented along with some useful case studies being […] Amidst the Artificial Intelligence (AI) avalanche in our midst, let us collaborate to ignite the African AI Ecosystem to help shape a better future for everyone in the Smart Technology Era! The AI Avalanche With all the excitement, hype and debates on Artificial Intelligence in 2023, there is a lot of sense-making going on […] The technological or AI singularity is a hypothetical future event in which artificial intelligence will have surpassed human intelligence, leading to a rapid and exponential increase in technological development. Some refer to it as when AI becomes capable of recursively self-improving, leading to rapid advancements in technology that are beyond human comprehension or control. […]

Thanks Sarah Luyele Njamu (MBA)! It was awesome chatting with you on the podcast about Human-centric AI and how Artificial Intelligence will change the future. LinkedIn article : Book: “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era” Democratize AI Newsletter: Machine Intelligence Institute of […]

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, one of the most influential Machine Learning researchers of the past few decades, recently left Google to, amongst others, speak out about the potential risks of AI such as the significant job losses, flood of misinformation, as well as concerns about AI or machine intelligence surpassing human intelligence and posing a potential existential risk for humanity. In order to make […]

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