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Dr Jacques Ludik: “It was also great spending some time at G42’s booths at the GITEX GLOBAL Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center. G42 has announced the result of the merger of three of G42’s existing businesses, G42 Cloud, Inception, and Injazat, which will focus on the delivery of national-scale enterprise AI solutions and services.

Core42 led by G42’s Group CTO Kiril Evtimov is poised to play a unique role in the technology landscape by providing a holistic platform capable of delivering on UAE’s digital transformation agenda and leading the export of ICT innovation to international enterprises and governments. See also https://www.g42.ai/resources/news/g42-launches-core42-deliver-national-scale-enterprise-cloud-and-ai-capabilities

💫 I had a great discussion at GITEX with Andrew Jackson, PhD about Cerebras Systems and G42 who have unveiled the world’s largest #Supercomputer for AI Training, boasting 4 exaFLOPs, ushering in a new age of #Innovation. (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jacquesludik_uae-ai-airesearch-activity-7119674296490221573-I6-O) – very exciting.

💫 I loved the engagement with Ronald Powell on the Core42 Cloud Infrastructure side and briefly met with Peng Xiao.

💫 I also saw a wonderful demonstration of a real-time avatar speaking and gesturing using local compute to simulate normal human-like conversation

💫 G42 and OpenAI partnership https://time.com/6325389/chatgpt-openai-g42/

💫 One of the days at GITEX with STEPHANIE BRETONNIERE ⚡️ WEIMPACT.WORLD meeting various people was also a highlight!

Looking forward to discussing “Pushing AI Innovation to Develop State-of-the-art Personalized AI and Intelligent Agents on Trustworthy AI Guardrails for a Decentralized Sustainable World” with G42 and Core42 further!”

Presentation: “AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World in the Smart Technology Era”


Pushing AI Innovation to Develop State-of-the-art Personalized AI and Intelligent Agents on Trustworthy AI Guardrails for a Decentralized Sustainable World


Interview: https://www.cxomagazine.com/creating-transformative-solutions-for-a-better-future/

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era (jacquesludik.com)

Democratizing AI Newsletter: https://lnkd.in/eK8AxHG2

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