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Dr Jacques Ludik’s goodwill wishes to Data Science Nigeria on their 5 Years Anniversary and transitioning into the Data Scientists Network. Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA, Machine Learning Africa, Cortex Logic, Cortex Group, Data Science Nigeria, Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi,

LinkedIn Article: It is with great pleasure, excitement and honour to announce the availability of the audio book version of “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone” via major audio book market place world-wide. See details on my website as well as below. You can also listen to Chapter 1 on the Jacques Ludik YouTube Channel or Jacques Ludik Podcasts links below. This […]

LinkedIn Article: I’m excited to launch the Jacques Ludik Podcast as well as my new YouTube channels (Jacques Ludik MAIN Channel and Jacques Ludik CLIPS Channel) and would like to encourage anyone interested to subscribe to these channels. The Jacques Ludik Podcast already have more than 30 episodes and covers the following: Conversations, presentations, and readings about democratizing smart technology […]

LinkedIn Article: As we have just marked World Mental Health Awareness Month in October, the sobering statistics around anxiety, loneliness, depression, and other mental health issues are at the forefront of many people’s minds. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have caused global disruptions and uncertainty, and these have exacerbated modern stress levels across South Africa and […]

LinkedIn Article: This article highlights a revolutionary new approach to offering Ultra-Personalised, Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Healthcare from Cortex Logic which is set to transform the way medical aid schemes, consumers and corporates offering employee benefits as part of their EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes) view their current healthcare offering. The Journey Wellness platform is perfectly timed to coincide with the current global shift […]

Artificial Intelligence: Opening Pandora’s box on #Ethics! Dr Jacques Ludik ( participated in this #IITPSA Webinar with Johan Steyn and Renée Cummings on 28 October 2021. Video: In this #IITPSA webinar we discuss the important issues and considerations around the smart technology era. Hosted by Johan Steyn – AI & robotics special interest group […]

World Mental Health Awareness Month I App provides emotional and mental heaIth to Teens – Dr Jacques Ludik on SABC News – October 2021 As World Mental Health Awareness Month wraps, a new app targeting young people called Vive Teens is an ultra-personalized Artificial Intelligence App that aims to help curb the sobering statistics around […]

Dr Jacques Ludik presented at the AI and the Future of Healthcare Summit hosted by Machine Learning Africa on 28 Oct 2021 on “Ultra-personalized AI-enabled Healthcare and Wellness”. See also chapter 7 in his book “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone” on this topic. E-book, Audio book and Paperback book now available world-wide. More details […]

Riding the AI Wave – Pathways to Commercialisation – Dr Jacques Ludik – October 2021 Episode #23 on Jacques Ludik Podcast Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) –

Dr Jacques Ludik did a keynote address at The Seven Continent-View on #AI, organized by SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub on 7 October 2021. YouTube: See also episode #26 on the JACQUES LUDIK PODCAST ( or Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.) Presentation: Full event: 🌍 How #AI looks like today from […] AI is disrupting every industry and country. It comes with great problems, but also great opportunities. We must make sure we use its power wisely. 6 minute read AUTHOR Dr Jacques Ludik We’re at a tipping point in history, but the potential in our situation is also palpable. Smart technology has been disruptive. Artificial intelligence […]

Artificial intelligence: regulation for self-protection By Andrea Deinert on Hidden Insights 19 July 2021 Taking responsibility is not easy; indeed, it can weigh heavily. It makes those who are willing to bear it more morally sound – politicians, for example. But no one carries it lightly. This burden needs to be well thought out. It is understandable that […]

Dr Jacques Ludik, will be speaking at The Seven Continent-View on #AI, organized by SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub tomorrow 7 October 2021.🌍 How #AI looks like today from the perspectives of #Africa? How can AI be democratized to benefit everyone and how it can be developed in a way that is absolute human-centric?He […]

Natasja Ludik (Vive Teens, Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA) has participated in a SwissCognitive – The Global AI HubExpert Panel Discussion – Aligning employees’ skills to organizational capabilities as part of the Cognitive Virtual – Preparing 3 Billion Employees for AI – A Zeitgeist Challenge on 6 September 2021.Video: Crisp overviewWe are […]

Dr Jacques Ludik participated in an insightful webinar organized by #IITPSA (Institute of IT Professionals of South Africa) and hosted by Johan Steyn and Tony Parry on “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era”. See video here: #artificialintelligence #ai #innovation #machinelearning #digitaltransformation #technology […]

Fascinating sense-making discussion at this #MKAILIVE event on Thursday 24th June at 3pm BST about Artificial Intelligence (#AI) in 2030: Distribution, Adoption, Controls and Safety of AI in 2030 that also resonates deeply with the topics and themes addressed in Dr Jacques Ludik‘s book “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone”. In this event we seek to discover […]

Book Update The Kindle and Paperback versions of the book Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone has recently been updated and can currently be obtained via the following Amazon marketplaces: US (United States), UK (United Kingdom), CA (Canada), DE (Germany), FR (France), ES (Spain), IT (Italy), NL (The Netherlands), JP (Japan), BR (Brazil), MX (Mexico), AU (Australia), and IN (India). An audiobook version is also currently in progress. In follow-up to my introductory articles Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone and AI Perspectives, Democratizing Human-centric AI in Africa, […]

Even with AI in Africa being under the radar relative to the world stage and the AI spotlight mostly on North America, Europe and Asia, significant progress has also been made on this continent over the last few years from humble beginnings with the assistance and support from the international community, organizations, and big tech […]

In follow-up to my introductory articles Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone and AI Perspectives, the focus of this article is to acknowledge, recognize, and spotlight a selection of the many people and organizations that I have referenced in my recent book Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone. I have already highlighted the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Organization for Economic Co-operation and […]

There are many well informed and thoroughly researched perspectives about the state of our civilization and our current trajectory. As mentioned in my recent book Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone, I found the one presented by Daniel Schmachtenberger to be not only thoughtful and insightful, but one that we should pay attention to. Daniel’s core interest is […]

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