AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World

Wow, it was fantastic to participate in Meta Shapers’ #Web3 & #AI Summit 2023!

Wonderful contributions from everyone and lots to learn!

📽 Summit Video:

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⭕️ Presentation: AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World by Dr Jacques Ludik



⭕️ Panel discussion: Artificial Intelligence: Is AI the new driver of the Metaverse #Economy?

Panel with Alice J Rigby, Dr Jacques Ludik, Alison Alexander (AmetaverseA.eth), Sunil Arora ⭐🌐 ⭐🌐 Jimi Daodu


🌍 Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era (

🌍 Democratizing AI Newsletter:

🌍 The Jacques Ludik Podcast

📍Herewith the other speakers and the topics:

⭕️ Vision 2040: A people-centered metaverse strategy by Dr. Christina Yan Zhang

⭕️ The Real-life Application of Web3 Tools: Securing an Inclusive and Equitable Society by Alison Alexander (AmetaverseA.eth)

⭕️ Beyond Web3: Creating a world of #abundance by Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

⭕️ Impact Hacking ™ : Impact & purpose powered by Web3 & AI by STEPHANIE BRETONNIERE ⚡️ WEIMPACT.WORLD

⭕️ Breath: A sound & light experience by Oliver Smykacz

⭕️ Measuring Purposefully: Exploring the #ROI from Web3 and AI – Panel discussion Tracy Ho, Marije de Roos, Amna Usman Chaudhry, Radhika Iyengar-Emens, Mariam B.

⭕️ 3D: The backbone of the metaverse by Daniela Malqui

⭕️ Planning the Future: Using Web3 as a #Business Strategy by Dr Annelize Booysen

⭕️ Inclusive AI: Advancing & Equalising Social Mobility Using #ArtificialIntelligence by Jamie Bykov-Brett

⭕️ Community Capital: How to build and sustain a community in Web3 by Nada Sayarh, Phd.

⭕️ Fashion, AI, and the Metaverse: The future of self-expression – Nova Lorraine, MS in conversation with Ashumi Sanghvi

⭕️ Emerging #Technology: Exploring the presence & influence of Hyperculture by Jennifer Roebuck

⭕️ Tomorrow’s Enterprise: Using Web3 Solutions to Advance 

Organisational Change by Gigi de Vries

⭕️ Leader Shift: The four key actions to avoid inaction on the road to Web3 by Jonscott Turco

⭕️ Visual Poetry: The art of summing up using visual #storytelling by Antonio Meza

⭕️ What’s Next for Meta Shapers? by our very own Sharad Agarwal

⭕️ The key takeaways by Susan Furness, Sahar Milani Emmanuel Quezada

Andrea Zsapka

#MetaShapers is a global community of impact #entrepreneurs & industry leaders who are shaping the narrative around the #Metaverse.

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