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‘AI For Good’ Category April 11, 2024 topic: Innovation tags: #AI, #Africa, #poverty, #innovation located: Zimbabwe, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Rwanda, Benin, Sierra Leone, Senegal, South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Cameroon by: Cyril Zenda Only eight out of the 54 countries in Africa have developed national AI strategies or policies. Experts now argue that delaying the adoption of the technology could deepen poverty across the continent. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising a growing number […] Excellent conversation between Lex Fridman and Yann LeCun about AI at Meta, Open Source, Limits of LLMs, AGI and the Future of AI. Good background for some of the technical discussion on Yann’s proposals and work can be found in some of his papers such as “A Path Towards Autonomous Machine Intelligence” See […]

Thanks Denise Holt for sharing this excellent article that highlights the debate at the Davos 2024 WEF, where Karl Friston and Yann LeCun presented differing views on AI’s future. Although the title “Deep Learning is Rubbish” is intentionally provocative to capture Friston’s critical stance on deep learning, it might oversimplify the nuanced views and […]

This article has been inspired and triggered by (1) some insightful questions and opinions about when things become agents and what agency is by Tim Scarfe in his excellent Substack blog on “Agentialism and the Free Energy Principle” as well as the corresponding MLST podcast episode “Does AI have Agency?” and (2) my recent engagements […]

WEBINAR INVITE: Meta Shapers Global Summit on 21-22 February 2024 from 8 am – 11.30 am ET Dr Jacques Ludik will be speaking at the Summit along with 36 other industry leaders. This is one Summit you don’t want to miss. Register to attend at Hosted by ONLY webinars by Cyber Gear Sharad Agarwal […]

Global AI ambassador Dr. Jacques Ludik spoke to Digital First® Magazine about what makes Switzerland an interesting location for companies to develop their AI innovations, discussing location factors such as R&D, talent, ecosystem density, and collaboration opportunities. The article also points out potential collaborations in the field of AI between Switzerland and South Africa as […]

SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network: Explore the transformative impact of investments on major LLM providers and AI infrastructure, and gain insights into current trends and strategies! Join our upcoming panel discussion, “The Future of Investments in AI Foundation Models”, at the “AI Trajectory 2024. Invest for Impact” conference, where one of our panel discussions with […]

Looking forward to participate in next week’s House of Balance’s event, linked to United Nations @COP28_UAE UAE, from 5-7 December 2023 in #Dubai. We’ll be discussing “Navigating the Tides of Truth: The Impact of Disinformation in the Age of #AI” Participants:Seth van der Maas, Dr Victor Santiago Pineda, Dr Jacques LudikAgenda: One of my […]

Dr Jacques Ludik: “Looking forward to participate with Mastercard and partners for several engaging conversations with climate leaders in the Blue Zone at United Nations COP28 UAE in #Dubai. The discussions will focus on climate resilience, inclusive climate action, nature‑based solutions and sustainable consumption to deliver real impact.” Some background links: Creating Transformative Solutions for […]

Dr Jacques Ludik: “Looking forward to participate in the World Metaverse Summit in #Dubai on 6 & 7 December 2023.” World Metaverse Council, Narendra Kumar Some background links: Creating Transformative Solutions for A Better Future AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World Pushing AI Innovation to Develop State-of-the-art […]

Jacques Ludik Podcast #97: Diversity in the Metaverse – Panel discussion TOPIC: Join us as we explore “Diversity in the Metaverse,” a riveting panel discussion that will delve into the intersections of identity, culture, and technology within virtual realities. #Metaverse #Diversity #futuretech Dr Jacques Ludik Dr Martha Boeckenfeld Akina Ho Hosted by Andrea Zsapka Jacques […]

Jacques Ludik Podcast #95: AI Africa Summit – Pushing AI Innovation with Dr Jacques Ludik Dr Jacques Ludik: “It was really great participating in the Africa AI Summit hosted by which was held on November 10, 2023 as a premier platform to catalyze AI innovation and development across Africa!” They are bringing together respected […]

Dr Jacques Ludik: “Thank you Mohammed Akoojee. It was wonderful participating in the DP World Smart Series Business event at the Nedbank Golf Challenge and also experience the event and hospitably of DP World and DP World Tour!” Mohammed AkoojeeCEO & MD: sub-Saharan Africa at DP World Over the past weekend, we successfully hosted […]

Dr Jacques Ludik: “Wow, fantastic Denise Holt! This was not only an enjoyable and super engaging conversation, but I think also an important one with respect to pushing AI innovation in a trustworthy, responsible direction that can truly benefit humanity. Thank you also for the opportunity to be on your podcast to help spread the […]

Dr Jacques Ludik has been acknowledged as an Expert Columnist by Digital First® Magazine for his article on “AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World” Artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 are two of the most transformative technologies of our time. AI has already become a central building block […] Dr Jacques Ludik:”Looking forward to speak at THE Nedbank GOLF CHALLENGE SMART SERIES HOSTED BY DP World” SCHEDULE* SATURDAY, 11TH NOVEMBER | 9:00 – 11:30AMLEGEND MEETING ROOMS CONVENTION CENTRESUN CITY | SOUTH AFRICA DP World will be hosting a business-to-business networking session aimed at delivering engaging and insightful conversations based on the role of […]

#AfricaAISummit by Join us at the Africa AI Summit, where the brightest minds in the world of Artificial Intelligence are converging for a one-of-a-kind event! Get ready to be inspired, educated, and empowered by the collective wisdom of these leading experts in their respective fields. 🎟️ Register Now: 🔥 Why You Can’t Afford […]

Thanks Denise Holt for highlighting VERSES AI Demo of the Genius™ AI Platform! VERSES is indeed pioneering the future of AI with Active Inference based on the Free energy principle for distributed intelligence and the development of autonomous intelligent agents on a path towards sympathetic & shared intelligence. It was great attending last Friday’s […]

SaugaTalks #5: From Trustworthy AI to a Better Future – AI Talents Across Spectrum and Transdisciplinary Thinking Dr Jacques Ludik: “Thank you Irene Lyakovetsky🎧🎙 from SaugaTalks! I believe this was the last part of our thoughtful and enjoyable discussion where we concluded on “🎙️ Exploring AI Talent Across Spectrum, Ethical Trustworthy AI, Transdisciplinary Thinking for […]

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