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In preparation for our upcoming Twitter Space: “Quantum Computing for Generative AI” on 07 May 2023 at 1PM (GMT), which has also been announced on LinkedIn, I’m sharing some background on both Quantum Computing and Generative AI as a backdrop along with some brief answers to some common questions on this topic (in collaboration with […]

The Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA is also thrilled to announce that MIIA is a Knowledge and Event Partner for Digitizing Africa 2023. As the President & Founder at Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA, Dr. Jacques Ludik has also joined Digitizing Africa 2023‘s impressive lineup of speakers! Don’t miss the chance to hear Dr. Ludik’s insights and expertise at […]

#AI for Leaders Summit 2023, Nairobi, Kenya. Looking forward to participate in a keynote address at this event on April 27th, 2023.The topic is “AI IN FINANCE AND FINTECH SPACE. NEW TRENDS IN BANKING, INSURANCE AND FINTECH. WHAT IS THE COMMERCIAL VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS AND WHY” See also:AI Revolutionizing Personalized Engagement for Consumer Facing Businesses […]

As a further follow-up to the post below, see also Sam Altman from OpenAI claiming that the Age of Giant AI Models is already over and Greg Brockman’s statement that GPT 5 will be released ‘Incrementally’. Although this will in no way damper the tremendous applications of Generative AI and AI more broadly along with other smart technology, […]

Dr Jacques Ludik will be moderating the panel discussion on “Generative AI: What lies behind and how it propels businesses” at SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network‘s global conference “Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI”on March 28th 17:15 – 18:08 CET. See also “The Power of Generative AI: Exploring its Impact, Applications, Limitations, and Future” article for background. Here are […]

With the astonishing pace of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) more broadly and OpenAI‘s ChatGPT becoming the world’s fastest-growing consumer application in history with 100 million users in 2 months, we have entered a next phase in the Smart Technology Era where AI is starting to show some more of its true power to comprehensively change the way we work, […]

Thanks to SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network, for the honour and privilege to be selected as one of the Global AI Ambassadors in 2023. I fully identify with the shared mission of promoting responsible and equitable #AI adoption for the benefit of all. AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and live, but we must approach […] With all the chat about ChatGPT, the book “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era” (see also shares Yann LeCun sentiments ( and takes us on a holistic sense-making journey and lays a foundation to synthesize a more balanced view and better understanding of AI, […]

Dr Jacques Ludik did a keynote address “AI-driven Digital Transformation to help Business and People Thrive in the Smart Technology Era” at BPESA Global Business Services (GBS) Investors Conference 2022 Herewith a link to the presentation: He has also given examples of AI for social good applications such as Vive Teens ( and Journey […]

Dr Jacques Ludik has given a presentation on “AI-driven Digital Transformation to help Business and People Thrive in the Smart Technology Era” to a group of Postdoctoral researchers at Stellenbosch University and other universities in South Africa.   The theme was on Democratizing and making AI practical , the fundamentals of this discipline and business applications […]

Dr Jacques Ludik has given a presentation on “AI-driven Digital Transformation of Education to help Business and People Thrive in the Smart Technology Era” at the ZAMBEZI PRIDE Education 4.0 Hybrid conference themed “Investing in Tech Advancements for a Better Future”. Herewith a link to the presentation:–HlN4hosIkd/view?usp=sharing For access to the paper back, electronic, and […]

Thomas “Ai Nerd” Helfrich from Ai Nerd interviewed Dr. Jacques Ludik, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of “Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone” a few months ago about Democratizing Artificial Intelligence. The video of the interview is now available at See also Dr Jacques Ludik Podcast: #AiNerd #AIwithAttitude Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa […]

To examine the role that new technologies such as #AI, #ML and #IOT can play in taking the business to the next level, Dr Jacques Ludik will be presenting a keynote address virtually on “AI-driven Digital Transformation to help Business and People Thrive in the Smart Technology Era”, at the ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit, to be held on 29 June at […]

Having seen the evolution, success, and impact of many platform businesses over the last two decades and being myself involved in building AI-driven platform businesses within the health and financial wellness space, I have been contemplating for several years various ways of how AI and its benefits can be democratized to as many people as […]

How can we democratize AI to help shape a beneficial human-centric future? Whereas a previous article “AI’s Impact on Society, Governments, and the Public Sector” amongst others discussed the risks, concerns and challenges of AI for society, this ninth article in the Democratizing AI series, starts by sharing some solutions to counter AI’s potential negative impacts. This article […]

In this eighth article in the Democratizing AI series the focus shifts to discussing the beneficial outcomes for humanity and how we can democratize AI to help shape a beneficial human-centric future. In the previous articles which share extracts from the book Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era, a foundation […]

In this seventh article in the Democratizing AI series the focus is on the debates, progress and likely future paths of Artificial Intelligence. Over the last number of decades, we have seen AI’s impact, progress, and future direction being debated and discussed on so many different levels, AI research going through several rough “winter” and blossoming “summer” periods […]

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