The Future of AI, Automation, and Information Security – Pre-summit Launch 6 September 2023

Dr Jacques Ludik will participate in this pre-launch AI event 6 Sep 2023 at 17:30 in Lusaka, Zambia in preparation for the “The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Information Security in Africa Global Summit 2023”, that will be held from 13–15 Sep 2023 in Livingstone, Zambia.

Sarah Luyele Njamu (MBA): Today, Zambia Daily Mail published an excellent article on the Artificial Intelligence Interview they did with Dr Jacques Ludik
Please read the newspaper story; it is quite insightful.

The Pre-Launch event on, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Information Security in Africa Global Summit 2023 will be held in Lusaka, Zambia.”

The Minister of Technology and Science will be the Guest of Honor, and the Smart Zambia National Coordinator will be our Special Guest.

Join us for the Pre-Launch event to hear Dr. Ludik talk in person on the impact artificial intelligence is having on Africa right now and how it will affect Africa in the future. The event is Totally Free.

Please extend the invitation to your contacts and network.
Dr Ludik will be a keynote speaker at the THE FUTURE OF AI, AUTOMATION AND INFORMATION SECURITY IN AFRICA GLOBAL SUMMIT 2023 from 13-15 September 2023.


Apart from round table and panel discussions, he will specifically be speaking on:
(1) “Future of AI in Business & it’s Impact on our Daily Lives”
(2) “The Role of AI and ML in Africa’s Digital Transformation”
(3) “Workshop: Implementing an AI & Information Strategy with an action plan for your organization”


Introductory video:



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