Opportunity for Data Science / AI / Machine Learning Course Instructors and Trainers

The Machine Intelligence institute of Africa (MIIA) is inviting individuals to apply for Data Science Course Instructor and Trainer positions to help advance the training and capacity building activities of the AI community, faculty members, students, and staff in a broad range of scholarly disciplines across the smart technology value chain that rely on data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning methods.  Data Science Course Instructors will function in trainer and facilitator capacity and also work with the project team which engages with a diverse cadre of experts in the ecosystem.

Background on MIIA:

The Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa is an African non-profit organization founded by Dr. Jacques Ludik in 2016. MIIA aims to transform and help build an AI-powered Africa through a strong, innovative and collaborative Machine Intelligence, AI and Data Science community, consisting of individuals and key players in the African Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem. MIIA’s growing network consists of stakeholders in the African AI Ecosystem, including thousands of members as well as key decision-makers in NGOs, NPOs, academia, businesses, and the public sector in collaboration with a global partner network of excellence that helps to transform Africa and shape a better future for all in the Smart Technology Era. As part of our activities, we have recently added the following:

    • Facilitating and accrediting training courses in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, and related fields at scale to grow the knowledge and skill sets of as many people as possible in South Africa and on the African continent and in turn help to transform Africa and shape a better future for all.
    • Innovative certification of knowledge, practical experience and skills on an individual level for AI related roles such AI-related business leadership and management, Data Scientists, AI Experts, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, AI and Machine Learning Researchers, AI-related Software Development, AI Entrepreneurs, AI Practitioners, Business Analyst, AI Implementation Project Management, etc.


Responsibilities of Data Science Course Instructors:

  • Identify training needs and use extensive knowledge of Data Science subject matter to assist with developing and maintaining the curriculum and relevant course material
  • Translate curriculum framework into training that will groom learners for the next step of their career path
  • Develop and/or oversee the production of learning instructional materials, aids and manuals
  • Direct structured learning experiences and monitor their quality results
  • Assess training effectiveness to ensure incorporation of taught skills and techniques into learner behavior
  • Assist with certification of knowledge, practical experience and skills of trainees.


Qualified candidates will preferably have:

  • extensive knowledge of instructional design theory and learning principles;
  • proven ability to master the full training cycle;
  • adequate knowledge of learning management software, use of virtual teaching and learning tools;
  • familiarity with traditional and modern training methods, tools and techniques;
  • familiarity with talent management and succession planning;
  • ability to conduct cost-benefit analysis and calculate training ROI;
  • sound decision making and organizational skills;
  • the ability to present complex information to a variety of audiences;
  • proficiency in Data Science and related software;
  • strong oral and written communication skills, with attention to interpersonal relationships and professionalism;
  • a positive attitude and demonstrate a history of self-motivation;
  • strong abilities in critical analysis and creative problem solving;
  • the ability to work independently and as part of a dynamic interdisciplinary team;
  • a demonstrated interest and prior experience in elevating the work of others;
  • basic skills to teach data curation, analysis, and/or visualization, including scripting languages, databases, visualization software and/or platforms, use of large-scale computing systems, etc.


Ideal candidates will demonstrate experience applying appropriate strategies, tools, and computing technologies to the training aspects of data science and computational thinking and have preferably at least two years of experience in a data- and/or compute intensive research area. Training can also be provided remotely via the use of video conferencing and related technologies.


Please send your CV to
For more information, contact us at the above email address.

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