What is AI and how will it change our world? An Owl Club Event

Dr Jacques Ludik will be speaking at an Owl Club Colloquium on November 23nd, 2023, titled “What is AI and how will it change our world?”

He attended another Owl Club event in August 2023 with speakers such as Prof. Mark Solms on the Brain and Consciousness, and Dr Mike Bruton on Charles Darwin (and his productive visit to SA), as well as some entertainment with a night at the Opera!

The Owl Club of Cape Town, South Africa, which has been a distinguished social meeting place for individuals interested in the liberal arts and sciences since 1894. The club organizes monthly gatherings that foster fellowship, fine dining, stimulating conversations, and captivating presentations by acclaimed speakers, as well as live musical performances. You can find more information about the Owl Club on our website: https://www.owls.org.za

To further enrich our activities, they have recently introduced colloquia that aim to promote understanding of pertinent societal issues and stimulate discussions, not only among our members, but also among a broader audience. Their first colloquium, held on June 14th 2023, focused on “The Covid Pandemic: A Balance Sheet of Impacts.” 

Now they are planning their next colloquium, scheduled for the morning of November 23nd, 2023, titled “What is AI and how will it change our world?”. The first half will address “AI beyond the Hype – Examining Real-World Benefits and Dangers”. The second half will focus on “How we might think about AI – Ethical and Philosophical Considerations” The envisioned program spans a total duration of 2,5 hours and will feature four or five speakers, with time for discussion. The final program will be shaped by the contributions of the speakers. Moreover, they intend to include a brief practical presentation on AI, as many attendees will have only a basic conceptual understanding and would benefit from real-world examples. 

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