VERSES AI Demo of the Genius™ AI Platform

Thanks Denise Holt for highlighting VERSES AI Demo of the Genius™ AI Platform!

VERSES is indeed pioneering the future of AI with Active Inference based on the Free energy principle for distributed intelligence and the development of autonomous intelligent agents on a path towards sympathetic & shared intelligence. It was great attending last Friday’s demo and presentation and hear Gabriel René and others from the Verses’ team Jason Fox, Hari Thiruvengada, Jeff Beck, James Hendrickson speak about Genius, intelligent agents, active inference, and its applications.

As also mentioned here “AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World” article, I’m excited about this promising new direction for trustworthy, explainable AI and distributed intelligence!

Even though the Active Inference type of “natural intelligence” type of approach to intelligent agents is positioned as opposite to the current SOTA “artificial intelligence” approaches, I can see a future where Active Inference based intelligent agents also integrates with multi-modal LLMs (and their successors), other generative AI for human-machine interaction, energy-based self-supervised learning (Yann LeCun), etc. Dan Mapes

Latest Interview – CXO Magazine:

AI and Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet for a Decentralized World


Pushing AI Innovation to Develop State-of-the-art Personalized AI and Intelligent Agents on Trustworthy AI Guardrails for a Decentralized Sustainable World

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