ChatGPT & Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone

With all the chat about ChatGPT, the book “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era” (see also shares Yann LeCun sentiments ( and takes us on a holistic sense-making journey and lays a foundation to synthesize a more balanced view and better understanding of AI, its applications, its benefits, its risks, its limitations, its progress, and its likely future paths. Specific solutions are also shared to address AI’s potential negative impacts, designing AI for social good and beneficial outcomes, building human-compatible AI that is ethical and trustworthy, addressing bias and discrimination, and the skills and competencies needed for a human-centric AI-driven workplace. The book aims to help with the drive towards democratizing AI and its applications to maximize the beneficial outcomes for humanity and specifically arguing for a more decentralized beneficial human-centric future where AI and its benefits can be democratized to as many people as possible. It also examines what it means to be human and living meaningful in the 21st century and share some ideas for reshaping our civilization for beneficial outcomes as well as various potential outcomes for the future of civilization. A Massive Transformative Purpose for Humanity and associated goals are proposed that complement the United Nations’ 2030 vision and sustainable development goals to help shape a beneficial human-centric future in a decentralized hyperconnected world.

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A Free PDF version is available on The Audio book version is available on most major audio book market places (e.g., .

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