Artificial Intelligence World Series Hosted by BiCstreet

An EU, Cape Town-based startup and social member venue kicks off an AI World Series of talks on 10 March 2022

Published on March 2, 2022

Aiming to create live-streaming productions for its new utility platform

BiCStreet, the latest social member venue and studio in Cape Town, is excited to announce the launch of their first BiCstreet Talks, in the form of a 10-week AI (Artificial Intelligence) World Series, taking place from March 10, 2022, featuring AI expert Dr. Jacques Ludik.

They are one of the world’s companies focused on providing a social member venue for global professionals and startups to meet socially, launch events, and network all under one roof. Cape Town offers a perfect global location for startups, business and remote working, in a post Covid pandemic world.

This “ Live Broadcasting “ event to global attendees virtually and in-person from BiCstreet´s Cape Town Studio, will attract corporates, governments, businesses, startups and white-collar professionals, who need to understand the critical importance and implementations of Artificial Intelligence for their platforms and enterprise departments.

Dr Jacques Ludik will be serially interviewed each week in a Vanity Fair interactive event style, to extract critical information and knowledge, focusing on Artificial intelligence (AI) – a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines, capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. This means creating algorithms to classify, analyse, and how to draw predictions from data. It also involves ethical implications surrounding big data surveillance and its implementations across every industry from retail, finance, healthcare to governance and Internet of Things (IOT).

These are terms Dr Ludik is very comfortable with as a smart technology entrepreneur, AI expert, founder of multiple AI companies and award-winning AI leader with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Dr Ludik has 25 years’ experience in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, and its applications. He is also a respected author having just published his latest book titled “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone”.

BiCStreet will be sharing the doctor’s vast knowledge through this 10 week event program, to a global audience. As a startup venue focused on business, investments, technology and community in a remote working world, this AI World Series falls perfectly into their long term growth strategy.

‘’This event is the beginning of a variety of BiCstreet talks to come, such as NFTs, Metaverse, CRISPR and more, to help enhance productivity and unlock value,” says Robert Haastrup-Timmi, Founder

BiCStreet Talks was created to share knowledge, awareness, and insight from those who are experts in their domains.

“We aim to interview all kinds of experts in their professional fields from around the world. Each episode, series, and talk will be live broadcasted and recorded for future viewings through our video on demand platform,” says Bernadine Louis, COO.

Each episode session of our AI World Series, will see native New Yorker Tony Kirkland, a former psychotherapist, turned author who now runs a life and business coaching training company interview Dr. Jacques Ludik, in a creative interactive style. The pair will help decipher implications and significant market opportunities of Artificial intelligence and its impact across all industries, governance and lifestyle.

After completion of the 10 week live series, attendees will be issued a Non Fungible Certificate “NFC “firstly enabled by, a new blockchain distributed ledger and cryptocurrency project, currently undergoing regulatory token offering approval in the European Union.

The topics for the ten weeks are:

1. Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone & AI as Key Exponential Technology in the

Smart Technology Era

2. AI-driven Digital Transformation of the Business Enterprise

3. AI Revolutionizing Personalized Engagement for Consumer Facing Businesses

4. AI-powered Process and Equipment Enhancement across the Industrial World

5. Ultra-personalized AI-enabled Education, Precision Healthcare, and Wellness

6. AI’s Impact on Society, Governments, and the Public Sector

7. The Debates, Progress and Likely Future Paths of AI

8. Beneficial Outcomes for Humanity in the Smart Technology Era

9. Democratizing AI to Help Shape a Beneficial Human-centric Future

10. Towards Sapiens, the Human-centric User-controlled AI-driven Super Platform

Virtual Global Attendance – $35 (around R527) per weekly session while in-person physical attendance at their Cape Town Studio venue is $40 (around R603) per session and includes food and drinks.

A 10% discount applies when you purchase the whole 10 weekly sessions. There is also the option of discounted unlimited Video on Demand (VOD) subscription streaming after the event on

Live & Virtual Attendance including subsequent Subscription VOD Streaming will launch on BiCflix by March 10, 2022, for onboarding). All paid Attendees will be notified by email how to register and Onboard the BiCflix streaming platform, before the above starting date by email.

#ArtificialIntelligence World Series interview on Smile 90.4FM. Have a quick listen and book your Virtual Live attendance at . You could be one of the first in the world to be issued an “ NFC “ meaning authenticated Non Fungible Certificate, only issued on the blockchain, to professionals who complete 10 weekly exciting interview sessions of this artificial intelligence World Series. Join us to unpack mysteries of #AI for enterprise, corporates, governments, startups and white collar professionals, who need to understand the critical importance of artificial intelligence and strategic implementation for company and business competitiveness. Featuring world leading AI expert and author Dr Jacques Ludik. The full 10 weekly session programme is outlined on and Ticket sales is on, a new Live Streaming and Video on Demand platform for global business events and enterprise content.

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