Preparing 3 Billion Employees for AI – A Zeitgeist Challenge

Natasja Ludik (Vive Teens, Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA) has participated in a SwissCognitive – The Global AI HubExpert Panel Discussion – Aligning employees’ skills to organizational capabilities as part of the Cognitive Virtual – Preparing 3 Billion Employees for AI – A Zeitgeist Challenge on 6 September 2021.Video:

Crisp overviewWe are facing an unprecedented challenge.With the development of cognitive technologies, the skills gap is increasing. It is our pivotal responsibility today to start aligning employees’ talents to organisational capabilities.So how do we educate & prepare our workforce and transform our workplace so that we are all ready to embrace and collaborate with AI? How can organisations and leaders approach this, and how do YOU, on a personal level, get ready for the not-so-distant future?The shelflife of skills is decreasing rapidly. So we ask the biggest leaders and experts across industries in the global AI ecosystem how different industries, organisations, and disciplines prepare the workforce, and how individuals can get ready to embrace and work for hand in hand with cognitive technologies. #ai #africa #work #development#future#leaders#intelligence Dalith Steiger-Gablinger, THE AI ANDY FITZE, Jacques Ludik, Cortex Logic, Cortex Group#aiforall#work#AI#jobs#employees


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